WARNING: Regardless of the Fact that We the Stamas Bros are Likely Not Funny in the First Place, We Still Feel that it is Our Duty to Inform You (in Order to Reset Your Expectations) that the Following Extremely Brief Ten Step Pathway (As Well as Being One of the Weekly DIY or DFY Strategies), Does Not, and We Repeat DOES NOT Have Even a Single Solitary Guffaw!

Instead of Providing Giggles We are Going forward with a Kind of Education Oriented “METHOD HOW to Do Ten steps to Create, Promote and Sell Your Creative Product Online Plus the SECRET HOW You Can Make What You are Offering, have Something in it that is Amazing, Exciting and Astounding, that Your Competition DOS NOT Have so Buyers Have to Have to COME TO YOU!”

Before starting to give you a sentence or two for each of the ten steps…

…The Laugh Sign Below Was Ironically Created to Remind You there is Nothing Comedic in this Post Including Not a Trace of Anything that Would Either Have You Laughing WITH US or Even Laughing AT US

You have What They DO NOT!

Some of you may have come here knowing this bros destination existed and stopped by to say “Hello,” or it is possible you were taking a look at the “Market Your Journey” website where you learned that we are going to now fill in the blanks of the Ten Steps in conjunction with the “METHOD HOW to Do Ten steps to Create, Promote and Sell Your Creative Product Online Plus the SECRET HOW You Can Make What You are Offering, have Something in it that is Amazing, Exciting and Astounding, that Your Competition DO NOT Have so Buyers Have to Have to COME TO YOU!”

Always Have Something Desirable to Offer that Others Do Not

Here are the ten steps from the “Market Your Journey” website. If that is how you ended up here then you likely recall that steps 1 through 10 work just steps with no explanation how to do them. There is still a lot we are not putting below, including the SECRET HOW to differentiate yourself and your business, but do teel that there is still some value to it since it does clarify the big picture with more of a sense of how to create, promote and sell a product online unlike anyone else.

Below is a Quite Incomplete and Very General Way Of Looking the Ten Steps Needed in Order to Have Consumers Actually Purchase What your are Offering Them.

Keep in mind that the fleshing out of each step is only a tip or the iceberg necessary to be successful if you want to make sales for your creative product/feature and want customer satisfaction as well as naturally get referrals from them because they as so pleased with your solution to their problem…

1. Research Your Topic Choice

You are hopefully pursuing with your entrepreneurial effort, a subject that you have passion for.

2. Experiment with Content

Content can mean the writing you do sharing your knowledge or even the creation of a tool or product.

3. Edit And Solidify

Editing can be done along the way of doing your project, but this might not be a comprehensive solution, so it is always a good idea to do a full on editing process.

4. Fine Tune All Moving Parts

Even though doing editing while simultaneously being in the creation phase can be effective, it is still a good idea to fine tune all the moving parts whether literally or metaphorically.

5. Make Chunks If Need Be

This is actually an important step that is frequently overlooked which is to go from examining moving into delving within them to see if there is anything you may have missed in terms of being able to provide even more value to the end consumer.

6. Work On Sub Features

Now that you have uncovered more possibilities, it is critical to look at these “Sub Features” to decide whether or not they are going to help make your creative product or service even more valuable to your future customers or clients.

7. Make As Engaging As Possible

Engagement of course is pure emotion, so you need to know and understand every little benefit that can provide to those who will eventually purchase from you.

8. Promote It

What works for one audience might not hit home with a different group of spectators, so if you want to get that standing ovation you need to know to the very core there wants, needs and desires.

9. Do Customer Beta Tests

This truly is the phase where you will watch and learn and see what is working or not working for your future customers/clients and make changes accordingly.

10. Learn From Consumer Research

Beta testing is only involves a small fraction of those you are presenting your opportunity, so as your base of purchasers expands, you still need to pay attention to doing what ever you have to do to better fill their needs.

More to come on the METHOD HOW at METHOD HOW regarding qualifying “Businesses in Need, getting the full strategy for free to hopefully help them move things forward for their company. We live in a “U.S. in Need”

All Kidding aside (Just Kidding) the Stamas Bros Reveal to You the Behind-the-Scenes 10 Step Process they Used to Put Together a, Well, 10 Step Process!

Hi. Stamas Bro Homer and Stamas Bro Aristotle here of the “Stamas Bros” with a look at how we went about using a 10-step process to create a 10-step process.

This is a brief peek at the online research we did referencing blogs that are a part of the Blog Coalition and the viewpoint of the approximately 60 websites of this online community.

Here’s the thing though. We try to be funny, and sadly we are not. If you go to the official Stamas Bros Website, there are sections that some have said were humorous. Though, go to the website at your own risk. Sure, you might chuckle, but there is no guarantee that will happen.  

Our interest in community has to do with the topic of a 10-step process we are developing for, as we call it, a mini eBook. Mini as in there are ten steps, each step a short paragraph long, meaning that the final eBook is only ten tiny paragraphs long.


What is our mini eBook about? It has to do with with a strategy for “Cause Marketing,” as in Marketing that has a Cause attached to it, such as the site Manhattan Corona Virus which was one of the original sites with a cause, to take on COVID.


Another source of useful information was NYC Workshops where our friends (yes we have friends other than just those with the last name “Stamas”) at NYCWS told us about how they were able to pivot from doing in-person workshops pre-COVID, then losing doing workshops at libraries, ultimately having to use streaming video. Cause Marketing has long been a topic of interest for them, and they consciously look for ways to integrate it into their promotional projects.


And of course we needed to connect with USA How To for their thoughts on using important social challenges as a means of getting the interest of others, while simultaneously revealing problems that needed help solving by ideally, many Americans coming together. A pipe dream? Yes, clearly very much so. Will USA Divided ever become USA Unified? Note we say “Unified” rather than “United” because we believe the first will be easier than the second. In truth of course, neither looks good. That is why we need Cause Marketing!


We also looked at that guy who has the initials Y.E.S. (his middle name is Euripides). We were quite fortunate with this step in our research, because it just so happened that Yianni Stamas (yes he’s a Stamas and a relative) actually wrote a blog piece about Cause Marketing! He mentioned our mutual friend Professor Dreamer who is partners with Professor Realist.


At first we thought of getting in touch with “Sasquatch Undead” but ultimately decided on “Big Foot Zombie.” And it turns out that was a great choice. Why? Because our pal BFZ did a blog post on “Cause Marketing.” We kid you not. Admittedly though, we did our research by perusing his blog post, and were not able to have a face to face with him. Though when we went to Inwood Hill Park where he lives, we only found some of his big, big foot, impressions. Turns out he was hiding because one of those “In Search of Big Foot” TV camera crews were sniffing around for him. But Bigfoot Zombie never did allow the crew to do one of those shaky camera shots of him, because BFZ was angry that they were only searching for big foot, totally ignoring the “Zombie” part of his ancestry.


And of course we needed to have a meeting with the team behind Celebify because their current Blog Coalition offering is info on how to use marketing to Celebify the process of making a difference.


A business model we wanted to study regarding “Cause Marketing” was the one of that company that was started with a cartoonist and a mouse, which has evolved over the years into a giant among the giants. We did not have enough time to book an interview with a company employee, nor were we even able to see the mouse. But since marketing is based on fans, we checked in with the unofficial Fanclub of the for the man who started it all. The group we contacted call themselves Disneyite.


One of our favorite blogs of the Blog Coalition is Entertainment Entrepreneurship, because they like fun as do we, so we intersect with them in that regard. They were looking at the difficulty charities can sometimes have promoting their cause. Again kismet. They were talking about “Cause Marketing,” so it was truly relevant to us.


We were determined to interview those at another unofficial fan club, so we tried to track down “Spaceman” as he calls himself. Not an easy task. We did finally manage to communicate with him by Morse code in combinations of long and short signals of light as well as sound in continuous dashes leading to the discovery of his current post at Harry Potter Fanclub NYC.


This is the final step in the Stamas Bros Experiment, in which we gauge whether or not anyone has found this helpful or humorous. Or maybe even having curiosity regarding “Cause Marketing” 10 Step Strategy that is mini, as in “Mini eBook.” The goal is to give you access to this “Cause Marketing” educational product so that you will have a roadmap to being able to make a difference in your community as you grow your business. U.S. do good!

Are You a Stamas Bros Fan and if so, would a Newsletter be Helpful, or Do You Get Too Many Emails Already?

To Email or Not to Email

Although some people sign up for newsletters, they often find they are getting too many. So, they unsubscribe to lists that if they had a lower number of correspondences, they received they might have read your emails.


This is why we bring you this story. It is very possible that the Stamas Bros have a low number of fans, or maybe even more than they think. But because they are not putting out there enough that if your last name is “Stamas” you can join the fan club, they do not have the adoration they might if they were a little bit more visible and reaching out to stamasites.

Last Name Restrictions

Another thought is maybe taking away this need to have the last name “Stamas” and maybe welcome those using “Stamatakos.” These and other ideas are being tossed around.


Please feel free to contact us with any ideas you might have on the topic. Thanks!

A Very Long Time Has Gone by Since the Last Bros Post Because…


..things have been changing for the Stamas Bros, as is the case with everyone on this planet. Many humans on Earth are finding that life as they know it has gotten a wee bit more serious.

And the Bros, at least Stamas Bro Homer, have been chuckling less as well. Stamas Bro Homer has become interested in developing a methodology that could make it easier to create things.

Please note that in actuality “Solve Aim” does not exist yet. Nor might it ever. At this stage it is just an idea. Plus, the upcoming material below, is more about the protentional benefits “Solve Aim” might have, if it were to be created.

Sometimes, there are those of us, who panic over the cloud full of rain, with of course lightning and thunder. And because we are in this state of being drenched and freezing, we cannot Solve Aim, let alone get out of bed having sobbed throughout the night.

But this desire haunts you day and night. At work, the gym, eating out, night life you may muse on this thing you just cannot seem to get. You say to yourself: if only you just had the right plan or even just a high-end network of friends to help you.

Steps to Create the Things You Need, Want & Desire

Something Unexpected in a Deranged World

A ray of sunshine in your haunted house? The Stamas Bros will launch it in just a moment. But continuing to read this could be unnerving. Why? Because it takes a look at the possibility of uncovering steps to create your best life. First ask yourself “Am I afraid of success, or is success afraid of me?” Warning. You are about to read a woeful tale. One of disappointment and fear. Sounds like someone you know? Or even you?

Are You Fighting the “L” Word Even Now?

Being an entrepreneur can be agony. It does not matter if you are just emerging or have been doing it for years, you are always just a heartbeat away from catastrophe and crisis. While you consciously say you are seeking steps to create a wonderous manifestation of success, but then your subconscious mind nags at you, reminding you that you are a loser. How did you forget it was YOUR “L ” word?!

Outcome is Everything

So, when a failure does happen, it is because you are feeling like the hack that you are, frantically trying to put off something disastrous from occurring with your next campaign? Is it really so hard to achieve your goal of having steps to create a result?

Reinvention for Dummies

Apparently, it is, because your most recent sales and marketing disaster, after you ran to find somewhere to sulk, turned into a deadly game of not looking directly at that stranger lurking in the shadows. The stranger turns out to be a menacing beast, with its eyes on you, ready to pump you full of stress and worry. Caution, this could dissolve away your beautiful thoughts of steps to create obtaining an opportunity for you to reinvent yourself.

An eBook is Not Your Knight in Shining Armor

Your shot at not drowning in your own fear requires a solution that although being limited (and in its final phase), there’s a chance you could access for yourself that result you desire. How? If you take action right now, before it expires. If you want to throw away your dream of steps to create a method of getting out the straitjacket, just tell yourself lies. Pretend that getting a nonfiction eBook full of useless fluff, is going to solve your problems.

Creating Positivity Necessitates Understanding Negativity

Don’t you remember the bloodcurdling outcome that made you so angry, because you had wasted time and money plowing through the eBook’s hundreds of pages of worthless tips, hoping to find even one actionable strategy? No such luck. No goal. No strategy, and definitely no steps to create positivity for you!

Up the Down Staircase

Then the sun comes out. The terrifying night is over (at least for the moment). You smile and believe that you will finally find those things you only dreamt about before. But now, as you take in a deep breath of fresh morning air, you have full confidence that YOU have what it takes to make happen. Then, for the first time you notice something hiding in the bushes. What is it? A person, place or thing? It is, well…steps to create!

d World

WARNING: This is a Takeover of a Stamas Bros Post!

Do Not Worry, this is Just a Test – Had it been an Actual Emergency

The Fate of the Stamas Bros is in a precarious position. They are being accused of not being Greek enough! But embracing your cultural heritage is not the reason we are taking over this post. Our mission is about dealing with the fact that the bros have a shortage. But truth be told, they are not alone. There are other kinds of shortages going on right now as well. These shortages include ketchup, semiconductors, chlorine and even empathy.

They Need You!

What is the biggest shortage of the Stamas Bros? It is, well, fans. That is why we of T.S.B.N.M.F.O (The Stamas Bros Need More Fans Organization) have seized control of all sources of Stamas Bros propaganda including the website you are looking at right now! Actually, this site is the only source of bros propaganda, which is part of the problem.

Before Moving Forward, a Few Important Words First

Love, friendship and understanding are all important words, but those are not the words we are talking about.

Think Before Diving.

Before we jump into this chlorine less pool, we feel it is of dire importance to put things into perspective. There’s no question that there are super important battles being won at present for change. Sure, it is on a battle by battle basis, but headway is being made. This transformational undertaking when put side by side with the Stamas Bros makes the bros’ relevancy practically nonexistent.  In one of your hands is “the future.” In your other hand is “Stamas Bros Humor.” Which hand do you pick? Don’t answer that!

What is this Whole Stamas Bros Thing Anyway?

Some think that the Stamas Bros website is just a bizarre, self-absorbed, cringe filled online vaudeville act. In all fairness, this website did at one time have a fan base consisting of members of a niche within a niche within a niche. But unfortunately, at this moment, the two brothers known as Stamas Bro Aristotle and Stamas Bro Homer have small ones. We are talking about a small amount of fans!

It Used to Be Bigger

The Stamas Bros have such a tiny amount of those who are into them, that even their own family members are not motivated enough to look at their website for a mere 30 seconds. One family member, in an attempt to show her love of the bros, was willing to go to their blog and take the “S.B. Half a Minute Challenge.” But in less than 20 seconds after arriving at the StamasBros.com homepage, she got distracted by something in her feed. It was a quiz on finding out which “Brady Bunch” character you are most like. Hey, sounds interesting. Anyone got the link?! Actually, no need. I already know I’m most like Greg.

Will the Real Stamas Bros Please Stand Up

So, who does go to website stamasbros.com? The theory is that the only reason the bros have any visitors to their blog at all is because web surfers were searching for a different set of Greek American brothers who also genetically have the right to also call themselves “Stamas Bros.” These Stamas Bros are a lot more famous and successful than those at StamasBros.com. These other “Better Bros” include the Stamas Yacht Bros (Nick and Pete Stamas), the Stamas Pizza/Politics Bros (Sen. Tony Stamas and his brother, Rep. James N. Stamas) or even Wilbur and Orville (if their last name had been Stamas).

Bro Check

Pressure to Be Funny

The Stamas Bros website was created by the Stamas Bros in order to share their offbeat sense of humor with others, especially those with the last name “Stamas.” And as such the bros have succeeded at times in finding what many of us Americans have uncovered: one’s sense of humor in these troubled times of facing a Pandemic. But the pressure of having to be funny takes its toll, even on the bros.

Thumbs Up for Stephen Colbert

So for the moment, the Bros (who have backgrounds in communication and entertainment), are making a concerted effort to help those creatives in need who are feeling especially battered in these times of COVID-19 and a nation divided. For some it gets more and more difficult to see what is humorous in things. Thank goodness then for those who entertain and inform like Stephen Colbert.

How are You Doing?

The Stamas Bros want to know about your dreams and how you are coping in a United States that is more divided than it is united?

Yianni Stamas Says that It is Time To Take an Intermission

I Am a Fan

Hi there. I do not know about you but I am a fan of the Stamas Bros and have been following them from the very beginning. In fact I just finished taking in  a couple of their entries that I missed. Why do I like the Stamas Bros beyond the fact that I am a relative? It is not so much about what they do but is trying to figure out what is behind what they do. If you like me have gotten a bit behind in reading  S.B. blog posts, why not do it in conjunction with eating the substance that today, December 16, is known for?!

It Comes From a Tree

Today December 16 is “National Chocolate Covered Anything Day.” You heard me right, today is a day that it is your right to consume those dried and fermented seeds of the evergreen tree that is native to the deep tropical region of the Americas…Chocolate!

Our Choice

Don’t like chocolate? That’s okay. You can celebrate the Tea Party instead…If that is your kind of thing. Not ours. We’re into eating cocoa bean products while watching the Bros.


A Message from the Stamas Bros

For those you who have been wondering what has happened to Stamas Bro Aristotle and Stamas Bro Euripides, worry not. They are fine. In fact, right now they are bringing you this public services message. Although you can’t see them, they are dressed in green and this has them a bit peeved. Turns out the wardrobe department got the desired outfit wrong. They did not says “green” they said “lean.”

The Bros wanted something that allowed them to reveal their killer LEAN bodies with abs and the obligatory “We’ll tell you how we did it.” They will reveal to you the mysterious food that they took to achieve results. Also, they wanted you to know that if you take testosterone to get more built, this is the wrong ingredient.  There is actually a food that you should be taking instead which if this was a commercial on Youtube we wouldn’t reveal the food immediately forcing you out of curiosity to watch a silly promotional video selling  amazing grass green superfood capsules.

Oops. The writers of the “Bro Show” thought the Stamas Bros wanted a song called “Strike up the Band,” when what they really wanted is a tune entitled  “Kick up the Sand.” It is based on the old Charles Atlas ads you would see in comic books of yesteryear in which a big bully knocks sand in the face of a nerd. The song was a mistake, but to cover up the blunder, the Bros begin lip sinking to “Kick Up the Sand.”


A hip hop section ’80’s style starts in the song that forces the brothers to get on their backs and spin.

A brave intern steps into view and tells the brothers the fact that ultimately what they really are supposed to be doing is an important message to those quarantining letting them know that we’ll get through it. But it is too late. The Bros can’t hear the well intentioned volunteer and instead do in succession:

  • The Prep.
  • The Wop.
  • The Biz.
  • The Cabbage Patch.
  • The Snake.
  • The Sprinkler.
  • The Robocop.
  • Oh yeah, and of course the Moonwalk.


Warning: This Will NOT Be Funny!

Keeping Your Goals Inline

Let’s face it, we all have things in our lives that can prevent us from focusing on the realization of our billion dollar idea. That’s where marketing can be helpful. Yes, business plans are great and all that, but we believe that the strongest way to keep in line your path is through the use of marketing.

For the Introverts (and Extraverts Too)

Marketing for focus means having a presentation that when you present it, can be like you see it for the first time yourself. If you are extraverted enough to create a presentation and show it to others. Do it. Even introverts like ourselves can do this, usually using more introverted tools such as emails and our website showings.

Get Them Chasing You

As we discussed earlier, we are introverts, so we are always on the lookout for strategies that work with the more meek (but powerful) individuals. One method in the Billionaire Technique approach is to figure out ways to get your prospects to come to you so you do not have to chase after them.

How to Get Them to Chase After You

The Power of a List to Draw Interest

An example of this that comes to mind is that through a series of unanticipated rungs in the ladder, we were asked to get new tenants for someone who owned several apartments. So, what did we do? We made it all about a list and putting those who called in on the list if they wanted to be on it.

Why it Works

The technique worked because the assumption of those who signed up on the list was that this must be a great apartment if there is a list involved. You must truly believe that you can accomplish something for best results. Because unless you believe in at least some aspect of your presentation plan you will not be able to achieve it