Stamas Bros in the city and the country.

Hello and welcome to the Stamas Bros’ website. One bro lives in the city and the other bro lives in the country, hence their nicknames CBS (City Bro Stamas) and CBS (Country Bro Stamas). You may have noticed they both share the same nickname, CBS. And in case you were wondering, despite their shared nickname, they don’t know Leslie Roy “Les” Moonves.

Plus, the Stamas Bros live 3,000 miles apart and are connected digitally which is how they are able to update this website which is all Stamas, all the time.

Stamas Bros .com is the official website of Stamas Bros all over the globe celebrating their Stamas Bro-ific-ness. The mission of Stamas Bros is to increase communication and awareness about what it means to be a Stamas Bro in today’s fast paced world where the value of your Stamas Bro-ism can sometimes be forgotten.

Meanwhile, those of you who know Stamas Bros, this site is for you also. Because let’s face it, Stamas Bros do not exist in a vacuum (they prefer brooms). It’s thanks to the support of friends as well as family who do not necessarily have the last name Stamas, that gives Stamas Bros confidence to keep on bro-in. Do you know a Stamas Bro or Bros? You too can be a part of the Stamas Bros experience regardless of your surname, including Smith, Jones or even Ives.

Or are you a bro with another bro, two peas in a Stamas pod? You might just have what it takes to be a top tiered Stamas Bros duo in our exclusive gallery of Stamas Bros, an elite position in bro-dum. To find out if you qualify as a Stamas Bro achiever, reach out to us at bros@stamasbros.com. And remember, not giving a thumbs up for your Stamas Bro-ness is a terrible thing to waste. And as long as we’re trying to satirize PSAs…This is your brain. This is your brain on Stamas. Any questions?