Bro Check

Pressure to Be Funny

The Stamas Bros website was created by the Stamas Bros in order to share their offbeat sense of humor with others, especially those with the last name “Stamas.” And as such the bros have succeeded at times in finding what many of us Americans have uncovered: one’s sense of humor in these troubled times of facing a Pandemic. But the pressure of having to be funny takes its toll, even on the bros.

Thumbs Up for Stephen Colbert

So for the moment, the Bros (who have backgrounds in communication and entertainment), are making a concerted effort to help those creatives in need who are feeling especially battered in these times of COVID-19 and a nation divided. For some it gets more and more difficult to see what is humorous in things. Thank goodness then for those who entertain and inform like Stephen Colbert.

How are You Doing?

The Stamas Bros want to know about your dreams and how you are coping in a United States that is more divided than it is united?

The Stamas Bros Return with a New Fan Club

Stamas Bro Euripides, minus Stamas Bro Aristotle, sings a ditty for the crowd.

Where’s the Bro?

In what was supposed to be a joint effort of the Stamas Bros at the Stamas Bros Returns Live Show, Stamas Bro Euripides is the only bro that showed up. So on his own he revs up the fans singing the Spanish version of their Bros Anthem which is “CanciĆ³n de los Hermanos.” But concert aside, following is info on both Bros as well as details on their new fan club. Now that they’re returning 8 or so months later they have a marketing strategy to take the Stamas Bros to the next level. But since they’re at no level, don’t worry about tripping on any stairs.

Job Titles of Stamas Bro Euripides

By profession Stamas Bro Euripides is an Awards Producer, Blogger, Internet Marketer, Mentalism Magician, Online Educator and Website Creator. With so many titles, it’s no wonder that he suffers from MPDSB (Multiple Personality Disorder for Stamas Bros). He used to have 6 personalities including Kevin Bacon’s third cousin once removed. But thankfully, through treatment now he only has two, which are himself and Obi-Wan Kenobi (you can call him Ben).

Stamas Bro Aristotles Job Descriptions

Stamas Bro Aristotle on the other hand has the job description of Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Kirbyman, Carpenter and Marketing Junkie. Wanting to make his job list more compact, Stamas Bro Aristotle is ready with a response when asked the question “What do you do?” Rather than saying all his vocations in a row, he responds with “Off Every Day.”

Each Stamas Bros’ Three Most Important Words

The three most important words to Stamas Bro Euripides are Magic, Marketing and USA. This probably why he sometimes repeats those words in his mind one at a time Magic, Marketing and USA. Repeat after me “Magic, Marketing and USA.” You are getting sleepy, very sleepy. You will join the Stamas Bros fan club…

On the other hand the three words that have meaning for Stamas Bro Aristotle are Music, Marketing and OED (“Off Every Day” is his band). Because his band is named “Off Every Day” if you attend one of his concerts he’s likely off that day so chances are you’ll be staring for an hour or so at an empty stage (which isn’t bad if you’re a Buddhist). But if you really dig Stamas Bro Aristotle and his music group, be sure to join his fan club at Though, again, he probably won’t answer his emails because…Well you know.

Two are Better than One

You’ll note that the word both Stamas Bros have in common is “marketing” which makes sense since they’re both website marketing guys. And for this reason fans of the brothers have put together a special promotion where you can join both of their fan clubs at the same time! This offer has inspired both bros and they are considering doing a male version of the popular ’80’s sitcom “Double Trouble.”

Stamas Bros Still Anxious About Resonating with their Former Admirers

Stamas Bros
One of their desperate attempts to regain interest from fans was this concept by the Stamas Bros to cash in on the Blue Man Group phenomenon with their own version entitled Red Man Group 2 1/2. The reason it is #2 is because they found out that someone else was doing the same thing. Unfortunately, the Bros had already gotten the red makeup so it was too late to go green. What about the added “1/2” making them 2 1/2 (two and a half)? The Stamas Bros did that out of respect because yet another bunch of guys had wanted to implement the Red Man group idea but their attempts were half baked.

It’s All About Reconnecting

The Stamas Bros (Stamas Bro Homer and Stamas Bro Aristotle), desperate to reclaim their position of being popular advocates for Stamas Bros everywhere, are at a rapid pace experimenting with ways to reconnect once more with the fans.

How do the Fans Feel?

As the Stamas Bros Fan Club President (who wanted her name redacted) sums it up:

“I used to be the Stamas Bros’ biggest fan. There was a time when I was willing to do almost anything for the bros, including not going to City College and living in my parents’ basement so I could dedicate myself full time to Bro-dum. But after reading the last two posts by Stamas Bro Homer, I’m rethinking my position of being an S.B. fan. I’m considering becoming a J.S.F.B.I.L.F.H.R. (John Stamos Fan Because I Like “Full House” Reruns).”

[She holds back the tears.]

“I think they’ve got it in reverse calling themselves S.B., a more accurate title would be B.S.!

[She begins to all out wail]

Empathetic Guest Blogger

In keeping with full disclosure, this blog entry is being written by me, a Guest Blogger, who is a former Stamas Bro fan who still has empathy for the brothers and is hoping they bounce back.

The Reason for the Fall from Grace is Discovered

Wait. This just in. I have received an email on my phone stating that The Stamas Bros have pinpointed the main reason for their fall from grace. Now that they know the reason they can be proactive. The reason for the recent lack of interest in the Bros is that they are no longer perceived as being funny.

Taking Action Stamas Style

Lack of comedic ability being uncovered as to why the Stamas Bros aren’t the most popular Stamas Bros anymore, has lead to Homer and Aristotle taking action.

The action taken by the Bros is that they have hired a humor expert whose specialty is working with folks with the last name Stamas (and especially brothers). This expert had tried to make it as a standup comic but failed and now was carving out for himself a new consulting niche.

We’re rooting for you Bros!